The Toast interviewed us. Read it here.

One of our favorite writers, Nicole Cliffe of The Toast, interviewed our founder Eliel Cruz about the movement. Check out a portion below and click the headline to keep reading.

Many churches aren’t at the point to combat homophobia in their pews because they have yet to repent of it. Queerphobia in the church is a sin. Denying members of the body of Christ is denying the full image of God. But for those that are on the path of repentance, they must first engage with the LGBT persons in the church. Too often LGBT people are talked about, or to, but never with. Entire conferences, books, and meetings are hosted without centering LGBT voices and experiences. So, start by listening. Start by hearing the experiences LGBT people have with the church and fellow Christians. This process begins to humanize us so that the conversation is no longer simply about theology but about living, breathing people sitting next to you in the pew.